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Financial Administration

Get the support, advice and scheduled financial administration you need to run a successful business

Flat out working in your business? Ease the pressure with financial administration tailored to the size and needs of your enterprise

Does your business keep you so busy that you need an extra pair of hands to ensure it remains compliant? Is your existing accounting system working for or against you? Do you want to prevent your business from going bankrupt down the line? Call Bev Raynor at Adept Financial Supervision. 


Bev is a registered tax agent providing accounting services and financial management tailored to suit your business. Adept Financial Supervision can help with day-to-day accounting and tax needs from budgeting and cash flow forecasts to GST and PAYE returns, bill payments, invoicing, payroll and compliance of tax returns with IRD.

Adept Financial Supervision provides you with a professional friendly service at an affordable price. Contact us for a free consultation to see if our business can assist you.
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Financial management and accounting services tailored to your business

Work with a Xero certified advisor with 20+ years financial experience

Select the services you need most and pay nothing extra

How we can help

Adept Financial Supervision provides valued financial management and accounting services at competitive rates

Choose the bookkeeping services you need most from the following list, all for an affordable monthly fee: 
  • Assistance with budgeting
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Assistance with invoicing (incoming and outgoing)
  • Assistance with internal payroll
  • Tax, GST and PAYE help
  • IRD compliance
  • Xero management.
In addition to business accounting, Adept Financial Supervision helps self employed bankrupts navigate the terms of their bankruptcy. We offer professional financial supervision and Bev is registered with Insolvency & Trustee Services as a Debt Repayment Order Supervisor. If your business is on shaky ground and you would value some bankruptcy advice, send an enquiry today.

Why choose Adept Financial Supervision for your financial administration and management?

Bev is a qualified professional with 20+ years experience dealing with a range of accounts. You can trust Bev to have your best interests in mind.

Adept Financial Supervision provides tailored services to suit your requirements. Your business size, goals, and intentions are taken into consideration and a plan put in place to position your business for ongoing success.

Bev is happy to share everything she knows in addition to doing your accounts so that you can feel confident about financial administration from the inside out.

Adept Financial Supervision is Xero certified and invests in ongoing training in order to keep up to date with Xero feature updates.

Rest assured knowing that your business and accounts are in good hands, and you are compliant with the IRD. This reduces the risk of you becoming non-compliant or bankrupt.

Contact Bev

To discuss preventative financial supervision or receive bankruptcy advice. Our services can be accessed in person, online or over the phone making it easy for bankrupts throughout New Zealand to receive help when it’s needed most. If you live in Christchurch, Auckland or anywhere in between contact Bev today.