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Stress Free Financial Supervision

Adept Financial Supervision helps you keep your business going during tough times with financial administration, supervision and debt management.

Be Empowered

Specialised bankruptcy advice and direction will help you confidently tackle your financial trouble

Avoid Mistakes

Get guidence on the best way to manage your finances to avoid getting into financial trouble

Save Time

Help with financial administration will leave you more time to do what you do best

Adept Financial Supervision

Have you filed for bankruptcy or are you thinking about it?

For many business owners in financial trouble, the process of bankruptcy is full of stress. Adept Financial Supervision helps to make the process easier, smoother and kinder. 

Adept Financial Supervision is a registered IRD tax agent and Insolvency & Trustee Services Debt Repayment Order Supervisor. We provide financial supervision, ongoing financial administration and debt management for self-employed bankrupts ready to face the challenges of bankruptcy, and people new to small business ownership who want to avoid bankruptcy altogether.

Why Choose Us

Recover From Bankruptcy The Right Way With Debt Management

Adept Finanacial Supervision will help get you back on your feet or start your new business off in the right direction


Professional Services provided by an experienced accountant


The privacy of our clients is always a top priority


Our specialised bankruptcy knowledge gives clients confidence


Clients are well supported throughout

Our Services

Giving You Financial Power

Take a look through our services to see how we can help you to face your financial troubles

Financial Spervision

If you are bankrupt and want to stay in business you will need financial supervision. It is a requirement of the Insolvency Act and Official Assignee. Learn more about financial supervision and how debt management can help.

Debt Repayment Order

If you have less than $50k in debt and the ability to pay back your creditors, you may choose to file for a Debt Repayment Order. This option can result in greater control over your assets, income and spending, and you can continue operating.

Financial Administration

Adept Financial Supervision can also take care of your financial administration and financial management needs whether you are bankrupt or not. Our services are tailored to your business and you pay only for what you need most - nothing extra.

Send Us An Enquiry

Would you like Adept Financial Supervision to contact you?  Visit our contact us page to send an enquiry.