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Expert financial management and supervision, helping to prevent or recover from bankruptcy

owner and director at Adept Financial Supervision

Meet Bev Raynor

Bev Raynor brings empathy and understanding to her role as well as 20+ years of office experience including financial management and supervision. She has a degree – Bachelor in Business (accounting), is an associate member of New Zealand Credit and Finance Institute (NZCFI) and registered with Insolvency & Trustee Services as a Debt Repayment Order Supervisor. Adept Financial Supervision is Xero Certified and IRD registered.
With Bev, you get an experienced Accountant who has worked with accountants for the majority of her professional life. She has specialised knowledge of bankruptcy and her ultimate goal is to empower her clients with knowledge so that they can head bankruptcy off at the pass.
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Recover from bankruptcy the right way with,

Adept Financial Supervision

For many sole traders in financial trouble, bankruptcy is a choice. It can represent liberation and a fresh start. For others, bankruptcy is a charge handed down by creditors seeking recompense. Then the process can be stressful.
Whichever situation you find yourself in, if you are self employed and facing bankruptcy, you will need financial supervision in order for you to continue in business. That’s where Adept Financial Supervision comes in.
Adept Financial Supervision provides guidance for sole traders who need a second chance at running a business accurately and profitably. Unlike a traditional accountant who covers a wide range of services, Adept Financial Supervision is 100% focussed on professionals dealing with bankruptcy and new business operators keen to do things right, from the start, and avoid bankruptcy. We provide compassionate financial supervision tailored to your circumstances for a fixed monthly fee.
Once you are back on your feet, or if you are new to business and want to get things right from the start, talk to us about our financial administration services to ensure your business runs smoothly and is compliant.
Take a deep breath and contact us for bankruptcy advice. Our business is based on the Kapiti Coast but  Our services are available throughout New Zealand from Auckland to Wellington to Christchurch.  You’ll receive financial supervision and financial management for a fixed monthly fee, and all work can be completed over the phone, via email, Skype, at your workplace or your local cafe. With Adept Financial Supervision on your side, you will be back on track in no time.

"I aim to be the ambulance at the top of the cliff rather than the bottom by providing assistance with debt management before the need for bankruptcy."

Keep doing what you are skilled at and let us supervise the

Financial Side Of Your Business

Adept Financial Supervision will help you meet the conditions of the Official Assignee and the Insolvency Act, and clear the way so you can continue doing what you are skilled at. Our financial supervision includes:

Insolvency Issues

Help and advice, including reporting to the Official Assignee.

Debt Repayment Order

Supervision and assistance with your debt repayment plan, if applicable.

Financial Administration

Tax compliance to invoicing, Accountancy, PAYE and anything else you need.

You may receive ongoing assistance with the running of your business and/or budgetary advice is also available.

Receiving financial supervision can be life changing. Rest assured at Adept Financial Supervision you are treated as an individual and afforded respect and empathy. You are also involved at every step.

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Financial Administration

Choose the bookkeeping services you need most for an affordable monthly fee

Repayment Order

A sustainable insolvency option for bankrupts with a small amount of debt

Financial Supervision

Financial supervisors exist to help your business operate profitably and efficiently

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